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A fast and light-weight Content Management System. It started as how to build a secure and fast content management system from the ground up. Over a period of several years, it evolved into a more polished system while serving content on web. Its features:

  • Security-focused core design
  • Web standards compliant
  • Fast response times1 and low server resource usage2 through use of caching
  • Simple web-based content administration
  • Automatic RSS feed generation
  • Multiple database back end vendors supported
  • Extendable through extra code blocks
  • User login system enabling public and private content
  • Automatic picture gallery with thumbnail generation
  • Automatic sitemap xml generation
  • Search engine optimization-centered design
  • Fast full text content search
  • Scalable to multiple frontend servers
  • One-time login/passwords supported for travel use


Classic ASP, JavaScript, CSS, ASP.NET/MVC, C#, jQuery, MS SQL, Web Services


Team Size: 2

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