Graphic Mail Online Email And SMS Marketing


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GraphicMail is, an email marketing, SMS marketing, Mobile Website creator and integrated with various client systems, platform built using .NET framework, managing 45+ domains with single code and one SQL Server database per domain.

Reseller Section:

  • Sub-accounts management (Managing the subaccounts)
  • Buy Credits and Mobile Credits (editing credits, mobile credits and other features for them)
  • Branding (customizing the logo, links and images for reseller branding)
  • Billing settings (setting up billing options and gateways)

Newsletter Section:

  • Templates Library (Creating, managing and integrating the templates and newsletters with GraphicMail system)
  • JavaScript based drag and drop editor
  • Editor launching on all domains from single code

Image Management:

  • Image manager (Image manager for GraphicMail users for viewing and managing images)
  • Image manager using ck finder (3rd party control)
  • Google Image search

Integrations and Misc.:

  • Mobile Sites Editor (A Mobile website creator using mySQL, and jQuery)
  • HIE Integration with GraphicMail
  • HIE Translations and customization, categories, templates
  • HIE API developed(Web Service exposing required GM system functionality)
  • Email creator integration with GraphicMail
  • Window Service for KPIs (using Google APIs updating the google docs)

ASP.NET/MVC, C#, APIs, jQuery, MS SQL, MY SQL, PHP, Web Services, Windows Services, WordPress


Team Size: 15

Our development experience comes from working extensively with various industry focus businesses, such as health care, education, online retail, non-profit organizations, mortgage, real estate, entertainment, manufacturing, and professional services.

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