Wrapping and Securing Digital Documents

Dec, 2006

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WSDD is a consumer digital rights management solution that allows publishers to securely manage and distribute Adobe and Microsoft Office documents.
WSDD is a digital management solution that allows publishers to securely distribute and manage Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office documents. WSDD technology is best for the distribution of secure digital publications within and outside enterprise networks because it protects your documents unauthorized access. Files are protected by WSDD regardless of where ever they are being distributed, these files are highly protected from any potential leak and danger. Some other features include:

  • Protection of Adobe and Microsoft Office documents
  • Complete control on document viewing and printing
  • Setting of document expiration options
  • Subscription based model for your customers
  • HTML/HTML5 based WSDD online viewer
  • Manage access and usage rights


Tools & Technology:
ASP.NET, Windows Desktop, Web Services, Javascript, CSS, ASP.NET/MVC, C#, MS SQL, Windows Services

MS SQL Server

Team Size: 1

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